Green Initiatives

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At Acme we're committed to protecting our environment. We see sustainability as an opportunity to become a better company by looking at every facet of our operation.

New Facilities

Acme strives to protect our environment and community by building sustainable properties. We work hard to attain the LEED gold level rating for our new developments. In the process we hope to reduce our footprint on the environment and see a reduced operating cost for the facility. Some of the ways Acme is fostering the environment is by incorporating drought resistant plant species, an efficient drip irrigation system, as well as water saving toilets and sinks that reduce water use by 44%. We also upgraded the insulation, used high efficiency glass and a white roof which acts to reduce the heat island effect of the building. This intern increases the energy performance 35% over a typical building of a similar type. Rather than dump construction debris in a landfill, Acme worked to get 76% diverted to recycling. We chose to install solar panel systems that will produce renewable energy in excess of 15% of the building's electricity use.

Existing Facilities

Acme is always looking for better ways to serve our business partners and the community. We're investing in the future by replacing inefficient systems like our warehouse lighting. The Portland location replaced the 400 watt HPS area lighting in 2008 with highly efficient T8 lamps that draw less than 32 watts but produces a brighter light with fewer fixtures. The system was estimated to reduce our energy use by more than 18,000 KWH per year. In 2007 Acme replaced the reader board sign at our Portland location, which had previously required expensive bulbs to be replaced frequently. The new LED reader board is highly efficient and requires little to no maintenance.

Everyday Sustainability

At Acme we know capital improvements will not be of benefit without the daily commitment to conservation. There for we have initiated the following programs.

  • Our fleet of trucks runs on 5% biodiesel.
  • We use bio-degradable coffee cups in our complimentary beverages area
  • Our paper and other office products are from recycled sources
  • We reuse or recycle 100% of the boxes that come to us via the postal services
  • We recycle office products like toner cartridges, paper, and computers
  • We recycle all scrap metal produced during our fabrication service

Fostering Our Community

Acme supports the Habitat for Humanity project.

Acme's Hillsboro location Energy Output

Watch the hourly energy production from our Hillsboro location solar array.

Acme Tool's Green Initiatives
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